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Is Man's New Best Friend … A Drone?
The barking drone is the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise with a speaker accessory, which will run you upward of $3,000, but these farmers think the features ...
Drone Paid For Itself "10 To 20 Times Over" On Indiana Farm
Drone Paid For Itself "10 To 20 Times Over" On Indiana Farm ... Horan flies a DJI Phantom Standard Quadcopter Drone with a 2.7K HD video camera.
Matti Haapoja reviews the Autel Evo drone [video]
Here's a video review of the Autel Evo drone from Matti Haapoja. As he wonders if DJI is still the king of drones, Matti takes the Autel Evo to a field in ...
Sentera FieldAgent Offers Real-Time Drone Analytics
Available in April, the feature is supported on DJI M200 and M210 systems equipped with Sentera AGX710 sensors. It is currently offered for corn, ...
Extreme Flier's Micro Drone 4.0 campaign exceeds expectations
Extreme Fliers' Micro Drone 4.0 campaign surpassed expectations meaning ... of its success to DJI's Colin Guinn, who personally endorsed the drone.
Global Agriculture Drone Market will grab $ 2978.69 Million by 2021
Global Agriculture Drone Market will grab $ 2,978.69 Million by 2021 ... All you need to know, new report on “Agriculture Drone Market (Fixed Wing, Rotary ... Leading industries, GoPro, Google, Boeing DJI, Trimble Navigation Ltd., ...

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