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Top drone maker DJI uncovers $148m in staff corruption
GUANGZHOU -- The discovery of more than 1 billion yuan ($147.5 million) in staff corruption at China's DJI, the world's biggest drone maker, ...
Chinese drone maker uncovers employee fraud
DJI, the world's biggest producer of consumer drones, said in a statement that an internal investigation found employees had "inflated the cost of parts ...
How to Shoot the Best Aerial Footage With Your Drone
The same thing applies to drone video. Shooting at “golden hour” (just before sunset) or first light (just after dawn) gives you dramatic contrast with ...
Drone giant DJI will take a huge loss due to employee fraud
The world's largest drone-maker, DJI, has reported that it will take a loss of up to a billion yuan ($150 million) due to employee fraud, according to ...
Staff fraud may cost China's DJI drone maker US$150 million
SHANGHAI: Chinese drone maker DJI has placed 45 employees under investigation for alleged fraud that could cost the company more than one ...
Chinese drone maker DJI uncovers employee fraud costing company $150 million
DJI said that an internal investigation found employees had inflated cost of parts and materials for certain products for personal financial gain.
'Extensive' employee fraud uncovered at Chinese drone maker DJI
Chinese drone maker DJI has uncovered an “extensive” campaign of employee fraud that could cost it $150 million in losses. The world's biggest ...

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