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Long-awaited Colorado drone bill up for 1st hearing
The bill would require law enforcement to have a warrant before using a drone in many cases, unless there is imminent threat to life or risk of a terrorist ...
City Council to vote on moratorium on city's potential drone use
According to the agenda item, the moratorium would prohibit the city — which has not and does not use drones — from “purchasing drones, ...
A Drone Just Saw You Window Shopping and Wants to Offer a Deal. Exciting or Scary?
Credit: Don McCullough / photo on flickrA marketing firm is tracking mobile phone travel patterns with the use of drones in the San Fernando Valley ...
These are just some of the important questions of the day being asked (along with was it a kite or a drone?) after a UFO (Unidentified Flying Ottto ...
Industry lobbyists take aim at proposed FAA drone rules
WASHINGTON/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Businesses hoping to capitalize on the commercial potential of drones are preparing to push back ...
House Advances Drone Bill
Law enforcement agencies would need to obtain a search warrant before using drones to collect information. The bill does provide warrant exceptions ...
Funding bills advance, maternity leave, gun, drone bills filed
Cold, wintry weather didn't freeze legislators from taking action on Monday. The House approved a bill that was voted down last week, while $10 ...
Privacy concerns raised over drone usage
The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed new regulations that focus on the safe use of drones, but privacy concerns continue to be one of the ...

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