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Trouble Purchasing Osmo Shield
Has anyone else had trouble purchasing Shield online? I entered my serial numbers for the gimbal and handle, even used the QR codes, and it will not accept the codes. I've had a discussion with DJI, via their CS forum that has been going on for 2 weeks. They have said: "Thank you for your patience while we resolve this. No worries though, we have forwarded your concern to the designated department. We’ll let you know once we receive a feedback."If anyone else has solved this mystery, I'd...Trouble Purchasing Osmo Shield
I1 slave control signal issues- Is it common?
Hello everyone i hope all is well,I wanted to ask if anyone has figured out a fix for the latency issues since the last update? The more i dig into this the more i seem to find out it has been a issue for alot of people on alot of software versions.As it stands i can not use my Inspire dual control and if it isnt sorted soon i may well pursue a refund and go for the I2 as i have heard other people mirror my issues in threads years old when googling. I know the shield tablet was...I1 slave control signal issues- Is it common?
What Video Mode?
I mainly use my Inspire 1 & 2 for photos, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of video modes on the I2. I don't have the licence or SSD at the moment, I have the X5S with Olympus 12mm F2 lens. What video I do take I upload to my Vimeo site, what would be the best all round format for general use? I'm not a pro so exacting quality is not an issue. As you probably can tell I'm not a an expert by a long way, I use Premiere Elements 13 for editing and have an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch) with...What Video Mode?
High Wind Warnings
Has anyone else seen these warnings, they have appeared on nearly every flight. Some of the flights i have done this would have been warented as it can be really windy here in the North of Scotland. At the weekend though it was not all that bad and the warning still appeared. It says "Too much high wind velocity. Fly with caution and ensure the aircraft remains in sight" I think this has been set too sensitive in firmware, or maybe i'm so used to flying in windy conditions I don't think...High Wind Warnings
GPS Not Engaging
We recently crashed our drone and had to replace the gimble mount and cables. The camera now works fine but the drone is not connecting to GPS at all. Anyone have any ideas how to fix without having to send it in for repairs?
Field Computing Suggestions for I2
Hey Everyone - I would like to know what the community here uses for a filed computer. I need to replace the netbook computer that I have used for over 5 years. It is only needed to make adjustments, recalibrate when necessary, and upload memory cards for the I2 and other MR systems; not heavy computing. There are some good deals out there in 15 inch laptops but I would like to get something smaller. I have been away from my desktop for about a month and I need to recalibrate the vision...Field Computing Suggestions for I2
Inspire PRO Black Edition
Inspire PRO Black edition with only a few test flights and in completely brand new condition. Aircraft, X5, controller, and app have not been updated past 11-15 update so it is still operating at higher power settings. Taking offers please PM.

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