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CrystalSky 5.5" Initial Review
DJI CrystalSky 5.5” ReviewWeight w/o battery: 234.76gWeight w/ battery: 406.91gWeight w/ Mount and Mavic controller: 1,010.20gProduct Pictures:Initial review and observationsSize and Feel:- 5.5” is a good...CrystalSky 5.5" Initial Review
Hangar 360
Hey guys, maybe a stupid question but does Hangar 360 works with the I2 and X5S?According the info, it should works (both supported) and I have used it with great results with both my Mavic'sBut with this combo, it says that the I2 and X5S are not compatible.Or do I something wrong??
Hi all as a newcomer to this line of work our NQE advised us to charge £600 a day for a solo pilot, does this sound reasonable?Thanks
One Pretty Bird.....
Shot this today while flying... View attachment 14471
Magenta Only on X5R Raw?
Hey everyone! So I just got my camera back from repair and took it out on an OSMO to test it out, and this is what came back. For some reason, SOME of these are ALL MAGENTA, others are totally fine. This never showed up in the video feed, and the mp4's recorded on the microSD card were fine - it's only the footage on the SSD when I pulled it up in Cinelight. See attached screen shots. Anyone have any ideas or think I need to send this back to DJI?Thank you!! View attachment 14468 ...Magenta Only on X5R Raw?
Camera Pitch & Yaw
I've tried for at least an hour now and can't figure out how to change the camera pitch and yaw as a single operator. It only allows me to adjust the pitch. I went into the control settings and tried to find the correct adjustment using C1 & C2 but those options are missing. Am I missing something here? Thanks
X5s Wanted.
I'm looking to get the x5s as an option. I have the x4s. Anyone needing to sell one?

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