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INSPIRE 1 T600 with Z3 Zoom Camera and Osmo + Camera
Inspire 1 Air Frame with X3 CameraRemote Control Unit2 x TB 48 Batteries1 x TB 47BatteryChargerCharging Hub1 New Set of Quick Connect Props and 1 x Used.Case Included for InspireDJI OSMO+ Plus Handheld OSMO 4K Camera Stabilizer Gimbal 3-Axis Gimbal Charger and 2 x High Capacity Batteries for OSMODJI Zenmuse Z3 4K Zoom Camera For Inspire 1Would like to sell to One Buyer, Going for an Inspire 2.£2800 View attachment 13308 View attachment 13308 View attachment 13309 ...INSPIRE 1 T600 with Z3 Zoom Camera and Osmo + Camera
DJI Assistant 2 won't run on Mac
I just purchased the ProRes license and can't register it to my drone because I can't get Assistant 2 to load onto either my laptop or my desktop Macs. Is there a workaround for registering licenses using DJI Go? Am I missing something?
Hi guys, quick question ...
I just upgrade firmware to the latest one ... V01.10.01.40, latest inspire 1 x3 .... and i did notice really slow motor response .... then i remembered lots of people said this about new firmware ... so i would like to know if someone remember wich is the latest firmware that not modify this motor issue ( i know is not an issue, it is related to Battery concern) but for me is an issue.Thanks a lot in advance !
My inspire experience - so far
I bought a new inspire 1 v2 pro from B&H photo just over a month ago. I received it 2 days after I purchased it, that night I attempted to update the firmware, but it failed (several attempts). The next day I talk to there support people, who can't get it to work and issue me a return. I package it up and send it back to the using the ups label the sent me. It takes 2 days to get there , 2 days for them to ship me out a new one and 2 days for it to arrive. I have to update the firmware...My inspire experience - so far
Inspire 2 X4S for Survey Topo Maps
I'm a licensed land surveyor & certified pilot. I'm trying to decide on whether or not to purchase the Inspire 2 with X4S or the P4P. I need to do high accuracy (elevations within 0.05'-0.10') topographic mapping in order to calculate dirt volumes for payment. I have all of the equipment needed to set GCPs. I need to know if the Inspire 2 or P4P would be stable enough in 10-20 mph winds to get pics good enough for the accuracy I need? I'd prefer to use the cheaper bird if it can handle...Inspire 2 X4S for Survey Topo Maps
Looking for Info on DJI FlightHub
I've been searching but can't find any information on FlightHub, other than the standard quotes from DJI in Press Releases. Has anyone seen a demo yet or know what the latency will be? I've been working with an Aviation tech company to figure out a way to downlink UAS video to our Agency's handheld microwave receivers that the helicopters in our area use. I'm hoping that FlightHub might be an alternative, but the lag would have to be reasonable for decision quality data in the field.
HDMI Module downgrade?
I have a dual remote I1 and the slave transmitter has a bad HDMI module. I've read in different forums that the module can be replaced using the P3 HDMI upgrade which goes for $99. So my question is this: if I don't need HDMI on the slave, could I replace the HDMI board with the P3 USB-only board that sells for ~$25?Thanks all!

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