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This is a comparison video that I have made. For anyone not sure which Inspire to buy. Here is the link.
Any tips for using the osmo on a pole and improving wifi range?
We tried to get some aerial effect shots today using a carbon pole, a bike and some patience. The sweeps at a height came out great apart from the osmo taking forever to receive command and jumping all over due to intermittent signal. We got a few good ones in the end for 15ft maybe but im a bit dissapoointed at its range.We also had the pole strapped to a bike and rolled it to get the movement we wanted but the footage sucked. Jumping all over the place to the point where i cant use it...Any tips for using the osmo on a pole and improving wifi range?
UgCS anyone??
Just curious if any of you uses UgCS. I've downloaded the free version but it seems really complicated to use. What I do easily in Autopilot seems really complicated in UgCS
Inspire 2 ssd advantages (Pros and Cons)
Hey guys,I own an Inspire 2 wqith the x5s, And I do not shoot raw or prores with it, I just bought the x5s for the capabilities of changing lenses and bigger sensor! I currently use SD cards but I have a hard time with them because a lot of them usually tend to go bad or I tend to loose them, so I was thinking of buying an ssd for using on my inspire but I will NOT shoot on RAW and either ProRes, only the normal h.264. I wanted to know what are the Pros of using the SSD aside from new...Inspire 2 ssd advantages (Pros and Cons)
Drone Market Applications
We're researching each drone application market and need your help for real world situations. We have 7 questions pertaining to the industry that you receive most of your work(jobs) in. The survey takes less than 20 seconds to complete and will greatly assist in better understanding each application for drones. For you participating in the super quick survey, we are giving away 10 Amazon Gift cards for $50 chosen at random. Please help out and contribute real world information to the...Drone Market Applications
107 Certification and hobbyists
I'm finishing up my 107 Certification and have been checking around town on pricing for real estate photos etc (Tucson). It seems that hobbyists still get employed to do a great deal of the work.Here's how it goes. The agent has the homeowner charged for the photos with other interior shots. The aerial stuff is all lumped into the bill, the homeowner then pays the agent who then pays the photographer. Rather circuitous but it works.Of course, no one is going to police this and it's easy to...107 Certification and hobbyists
Inspire 1 Landing gear Stuck in up mode
Hi guys, went travelling and when I arrived I took off but lading gear made a funny noise but went up, when I tried to land the landing gear would not come down and is stuck in up position. I am tried to tuen the screw and she has moved in case I need to loosen the shaft. Now when on the ground if I flick up and down I get a whirring noise but nothing happening, still stick in up? Any thoughts? I am thinking damaged in transit possibly and the shaft has issues?
Problem with aTab E
I having trouble using my Galaxy Tab E with the I2. The camera and gimbal works fine set up indoors, but when I try to fly with it the picture locks-up on the main screen of the Tab E and I have no control of the gimbal. The FPV camera works fine. The main camera still takes video and pictures, you just can't see what you're shooting. The same Tab works fine with my Phantom 3, and everything works fine with the I2 when I use my phone, also a Samsung. I really like the size of the Tab E and...Problem with aTab E

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