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Where to from here?
Bought the Phantom 3 standard. Then the Phantom 4 pro+. Finally the Inspire 2. My interest is thermal imaging. Now I can't even buy a camera for the Inspire 2. My props are loose and I'm not sure I would want to put a $10,000 camera on it if I even could. I have looked at the posts regarding the LP adapters and T-Motor props and I find myself confused as to what to buy for another $300 to just make this bird safe. I thought about the Matrice line. The 100 doesn't seem like the best...Where to from here?
Phantom 4 & HDMI Module
Hi Guys, yes I know this is Inspire but I am looking at selling our used once Phantom 4 (not Pro) as i am looking at getting another Inspire 2 or maybe Matice 200 as a backup to our current I2.I got the HDMI module (installed) and it works perfectly.Any sensible offers (UK only please)
Anyone got an X4S for sale?
Currently very happy with our X5S, but also looking for an X4S for longer mapping sessions and also as a backup to our X5SAnyone got any for sale (UK ideally)
Hi from Leicestershire
Hi all, currently working at an architect’s practice & we're branching out into this new industry. Owners of an Inspire 1 v2, already picking up great tips from these forums.CheersGary
Inspire 1 prop adapters
hi guys I'm new to the forums and a new owner of a used inspire 1 v1. I got it for a really good deal I couldn't pass it up 1300 for the bird and 4tb47 and 4tb48 packs along with a bunch of filters. My question is will this work DJI Inspire 1 Adapter Plate for T- Motor CF Props Set (4pcs) | eBayAnd how well will it work? I have some 13 and 14 inch tmotor props already on hand from some of my other aircraft. Thanks for your input. I'm...Inspire 1 prop adapters
internal module
well just got off the online chat with DJI, was having problems with updating the inspire, when update to latest firmware was complete i checked the log file it kept saying update failed yet go app would say the latest firmware was on the inspire, was told by DJI that my internal module 08 00 and 1500 was not working right anyone heard of this? drone is out of warranty and just wondering roughly what the cost is gonna be, anyone have any ideas
How to pair batteries
Hi Today i got some new TB50 for my Inspire 2.Can someone tell me how to pair them in the G04 App.Im not able to find the function in the App.When i go to the battery menue i can see a " connected " on the top right.I Thought the batteries connect on their own when you put on a new pair, but i also get a " connected" when i take two batteries from different pairs.Any Ideas ? Regards Jochen

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