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DJI Inspire 1 parts X3 Camera , x5
x3 camera $300 shippedx5 camera $900 shippedInspire 1 parts4 motors and esc's $150 shippedlanding gear $45center frame $165air frame,gps,main board, vision sensor $130x3 vibration board $40lightbridge $150boom arms $150struts $25middle boom arm $45tb47 battery $85 View attachment 12361 View attachment 12362 View attachment 12363 View attachment 12365 View attachment 12366 View attachment 12367
Menlo Park: Fire district, drone maker partner for emergency deliveries
Menlo Park Fire Protection District personnel use a DJI drone during a burn training exercise. The drones, through a 2-year-old partnership with DJI, ...
Pilot addresses publicly available or opt-out?
I just received a letter from the FAA indicating that the Wendell H. Ford Aviation Investment and Reform Act of 2000 requires the FAA to make airmen addresses available to the public. But they are giving me an option to opt-out and not allow my address to given out to the public. I'm guessing that the act requires Airmen to have some information available to the public and the FAA is simply complying with this order. However if it's a law, I"m not sure how they are allowing you to not...Pilot addresses publicly available or opt-out?
UK CAA approved pilots required
Hope this is ok to post admin. If not please remove. I'm looking to connect with any UK based freelance CAA approved pilots looking for work. All areas, all industry sectors. Inbox me if you're interested to connect. Sent from my iPhone using InspirePilots
X4s (mechanical) v X5s (electronic)
So I've just seen that the X4s has a mechanical shutter and X5s is electrical.We all know with the rolling shutter effect on straight surfaces a mechanical shutter is better, so my question is this?Which will produce the best survey / mapping grade image assuming 120ish ft giving around a 1cm/px image on a Olympus 12mm for example on the X5s. Both are 20mp, but the sensor size is better on the X5s, but mechanical shutter is better on the X4s. Do i just get a x4s and use that on my I2,...X4s (mechanical) v X5s (electronic)
Noob question
Can either the x4s or x5s take picture of the stars/"Milky Way pictures"? And if so does anyone have any examples? Thanks
To the Moderator
May i suggest changing the name of this forum to Licensed UAV Pilots. Certification is a different animal than licensing. All sUAS pilots under 107 are licensed. I'm not sure if it is different in areas outside the US, if it is, you may delete this thread...
how many Pac NW pilots are here?
Hello folks. This is a trolling thread to see how many operators we have in my local area of Spokane, WA?

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