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it is so excited!!! I am going to purchase my first drone! I had been doing some research on google, in order to select a drone... I found a useful review on top 10 camera drones( ),which shows the overviews, pros and cons of each drone. it seems that more than 50% of top drones are made from DJI... and I decided to pick a drone between Mavic Pro and Phantom 4, the prices are almost the same, but which one is better? any suggestion? Piojessie TDC SCORED: Rick Smith ranks the DJI Phantom 4 Pro 710 days
this is something suspecious here jhujiso Hong Kong flourishes as startup hub 1191 days
DALE "ME GUSTA" Azarproducciones Premier Online Publication Drone Coalition Launches Focusing on Professional and Drone ... 1251 days
Just a Question: what is the Status of the Camera Led on the Front? I have the same Issue and the LED on my Camera is red with short off Cycles: Initially the Problem existed and was gone for about two Days and now it's permanent. I have no Idea what is wrong. dipicorg DJI Phantom Vision • P2V Camera Wifi failure 1407 days

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