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looking for broken Zenmuse x5
Hi, if you have a crash broken x5 lying around that you dont want, let me know.
Tech products Israel – מייצגים מעל ל-70 חברות מרחבי העולם! התקשרו עכשיו: ירון –
We represents leading edge Electro optics and imaging manufacturers in Israel. Its office is located in the heart of Israel’s business center.
Its technical and commercial team provides state of the art support in its specialty fields
Standard services
– Technical assistance to (potential) customers.
– Aggressive marketing using our exclusive database of Israeli high tech companies and contacts
– Custom release, banking and transport assistance
– Follow up on orders and payment
– Service of sophisticated equipment
– Annual forecasts
– Reporting of economic developments of key custome
Is there anyone else wondering when DJI will release spare parts for inspire1. I'm grounded until I get part 30 after an untimely argument with a tree at albert park while filming the set up for the F1GP. Absolutely spewing as I missed the last two weeks due to lack of replacement part. Two months of footage down the drain.
DJI Phantom Vision • P2V Camera Wifi failure
Phantom 2 Vision purchased 12/26/13. All batteries & range extender fully charged. All SW updated to latest versions. Camera has 1.1.9 firmware. Searched this Forum and DJI for answers, but NO luck in finding applicable answer.In the past I have had NO problems viewing the video stream from the Phantom2V. In Nov 2014 I had no problems. In Jan 2015 it took several tries to get connected to the video stream. In Feb 2015, I could connect to the camera and see data from the Phantom (GPS, altitude, etc.), but no video stream. After trying different settings, trying to rebind, re-downlo
DJI Osmo - UK Stock
Hey all, you may have seen our previous Osmo review blog which we posted after attending the UK launch event in London.We can confirm that the Osmo has started shipping and we will be receiving stock next week (WC 19th October). Initial deliveries will be the Osmo camera and gimbal.In November DJI will be...DJI Osmo - UK Stock
Hong Kong flourishes as startup hub
Now considered the world ' s largest consumer drone manufacturer with a $10 billion valuation , DJI Technology Co was founded in 2006 by Frank ...
DJI GO 2.4.3 crashing on Camera Connect
Luckily I tried this at home first before heading out for a flight. Is anybody else experiencing this: launch the DJI GO app v2.4.3, click on Camera to connect to Inspire, app thinks for a bit then crashes?I've re-booted my iPad Air but no luck yet. Was connecting fine with 2.4.2.

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