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Flying and Off-roading Drone B-Unstoppable seeks Crowd Funding
The B-Unstoppable is the World's first Tank and Quadcopter Drone. ... DJI is the consumer drone market leader and is expected to make a billion in ...
DJI Phantom Vision • P2V Camera Wifi failure
Phantom 2 Vision purchased 12/26/13. All batteries & range extender fully charged. All SW updated to latest versions. Camera has 1.1.9 firmware. Searched this Forum and DJI for answers, but NO luck in finding applicable answer.In the past I have had NO problems viewing the video stream from the Phantom2V. In Nov 2014 I had no problems. In Jan 2015 it took several tries to get connected to the video stream. In Feb 2015, I could connect to the camera and see data from the Phantom (GPS, altitude, etc.), but no video stream. After trying different settings, trying to rebind, re-downlo
DJI Phantom 3 RC Drone: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Drone manufacturer DJI has detailed their newest addition to its Phantom RC drone line: the DJI Phantom 3. And, quite impressively, the Phantom 3 is ...
Rumors on Inspire 2?
Hello all inspire pilots I am interested in taking the leap to upgrade from my phantom 2 to the inspire 1. But im afraid that if I make the upgrade, DJI will release the inspire 2 not so long after. The main reason why im interested in knowing this is because im hoping for some changes on the inspire. My main wish is to have two cameras, one that is fixed in the nose, and one for the second controller. And yes, I know about the DSLR pack where they fix it for you. But then again, that...Rumors on Inspire 2?
Sony Corp (ADR) Enters The Drone Market With “Aerosense”
The testing drone's name is Aerosense, and it is the product of a joint ... gadgets—especially the Chinese drone manufacturing company DJI—have ...
Looking for 4K footage of China
Hi fellow pilots,A customer of mine is looking for 4K aerial footage of China. I unfortunately only have 1080p footage which is not good enough for this specific purpose.If any of you have such footage and are interesting in selling it, send me a note at [email protected] should not be of a city center, but more remote locations that display the beauty of the Chinese scenery.CheersPatrice

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