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Have you done extended travel (4 weeks+) with an Inspire Pro?
Hey guys,Not talking about airline regulations but rather traveling for 4+ weeks or more with an Inspire. I'm about to do a 4-6 weeks european trip and I'll have with me 1 luggage, 1 camera bag (I shoot fashion and we're shooting a couple campaigns in europe), and an inspire 1 pro.I'm trying to decide whether I should just pick up a Phantom 4 for the month and sell it when I get back to LA and take a few hundred dollars hit (no big deal). But the big thing is having to buy the p4,...Have you done extended travel (4 weeks+) with an Inspire Pro?
Osmo: Smooth operator
View and control: The DJI Osmo communicates directly with your ... Enter the Osmo, drone-maker DJI's video recorder which comes with an ...
ATC contact details -uk
Hello Does anyone know of or have a list of contact details for ATC's in the UK (specifically Scotland)? I'm trying to put a list together for future reference and any help would be greatly appreciated Bob
Best Firmware Version for Inspire 1?
I love my Inspire 1 and have flow the heck out of it for over a year with nothing but pleasurable results and performance. I am always reading post entitled "Don't upgrade" Flyaway!", etc. Anyway I am more of a believer in "if it ain't broke don't fix it" than always staying current. I am also always afraid that a firmware update might remove features or restrict flight areas more, have bugs, etc. As a result I haven't updated in almost a year. And again haven't had a single issue. I...Best Firmware Version for Inspire 1?
Stay away from Firmware Inspire 1 Firmware v1.9.1.10
So stupid me decided to upgrade my inspire to Firmware v1.9.1.10. What a mistake. The drone had absolutely zero range after that. It constantly cuts out and just returns to home whenever it wants. Anyone else having similar problems? I just downgraded for now until they sort this mess out.
450m maximum range, then it loses signal and returns home.
I own an Inspire 1 v2 (2016 spec), I get really pathetic range compared to what I've seen online.. some have pushed stock standard birds 3km or even 7km. I bought these copper plated 'ears' to extend the range.. no difference.Any recommendations?
Movidius Fathom: Is this the USB stick your DIY hunter-killer drone has been waiting for?
In fact, the Movidius Myriad 2 chip inside the Fathom is the same one already enabling the DJI Phantom 4 drone to avoid collisions. The Fathom stick ...
Movidius releases USB stick with neural computing power
... stick is powered by Movidius' energy-efficient Myriad 2 chip -- the same one that powers the advanced computer vision in the DJI Phantom 4 drone.

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