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DroneDeploy Reveals Commercial Drone Industry Trends Across 100 Countries
DroneDeploy reveals that the most popular drone manufacturers used within the commercial sector are DJI, AgEagle and senseFly (acquired by ...
Drone footage captures Top Gear crew filming on Kylesku Bridge in Scotland
Bremner, who often films mountain biking with his DJI Phantom Drone which cost him £700, said: 'It was the perfect opportunity to capture some ...
Go app lost part of flight
I wonder if anyone else has seen this problem. I flew my I1 around a large open area as I wanted to completely drain a TB48 to prepare it for deep cycling. After about 15 minutes of flying, in one corner of the area is a bunch of trees which as I flew over them, the Go app lost connection and I lost the video signal. The I1 hovered for a few seconds and then proceeded to return home. The signal returned, I cancelled the RTH and continued to circle the area until the battery was below 20%...Go app lost part of flight
GPC Backpack for Inspire 1 / pro - Preproduction case
Hey there! I wanted to share this awesome new case we just got our hands on from GPC ( will not be released until late spring 2016). Its a custom backpack for the Inspire. We have tried a bunch of different backpacks... This one is amazing. Short video:
New iPhone app DroneVR lets you fly DJI drones with a Google Cardboard
DroneVR connects to popular drones such as the DJI Phantom 2/3 or the DJI Inspire 1 and renders the live video stream from the drone's camera in ...
Flying and Off-roading Drone B-Unstoppable seeks Crowd Funding
The B-Unstoppable is the World's first Tank and Quadcopter Drone. ... DJI is the consumer drone market leader and is expected to make a billion in ...
DJI Phantom Vision • P2V Camera Wifi failure
Phantom 2 Vision purchased 12/26/13. All batteries & range extender fully charged. All SW updated to latest versions. Camera has 1.1.9 firmware. Searched this Forum and DJI for answers, but NO luck in finding applicable answer.In the past I have had NO problems viewing the video stream from the Phantom2V. In Nov 2014 I had no problems. In Jan 2015 it took several tries to get connected to the video stream. In Feb 2015, I could connect to the camera and see data from the Phantom (GPS, altitude, etc.), but no video stream. After trying different settings, trying to rebind, re-downlo

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