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V1 Motors + Escs
Upgraded to the V2 setup, selling V1 motors + escs. $80/each or $300 for all 4.Thanks!
School me: battery mod info
Hey guys, so I'm looking to get more flight time with my x5. I've began reading the massive 85 page thread on just that. I have ran into a few questions that I can't find answers for. Even after digging around online I have found a little more info but not sure how it plays a part with our inspires.... What hoping you gurus could help me out. Difference in 3s vs 6s? I see a lot of people posting about one or the other but I have no idea what they're talking about. Also, 1300mah -...School me: battery mod info
What GoPro's Management Doesn't Want Shareholders to Focus On
GoPro's Karma drone faces significant competition from DJI Innovations, the world's largest drone maker. One of GoPro's main advantages over DJI ...
1.7.4 RC controller fw update
i have tried for hours ....and OMFG it is pointless , dont bother trying it .
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Hourly Drone Insurance
My company, Verifly, released an on-demand drone insurance app today in partnership with Global Aerospace. $1M policies start at $10 an hour - all delivered instantly via the app. Happy to answer any questions but this will cover an Inspire (and any drone under 15lbs) in most of the US. Coverage today in TechCrunch Verifly launches drone insurance...Hourly Drone Insurance
Third party camera mods...
Anyone used them? I was looking at: Dronexpert | Sony RX100/WX500 (30x optical zoom) gimbal for Matrice 100 and Inspire 1I'm curious if it can capture significantly better still photos. The dynamic range from the X3 seems pretty shallow when shooting sunset photos... since that's one of the areas of interest for me, I'm considering the X5, or potentially a third party camera... but I'd hate to...Third party camera mods...
For Sale: Carboncore X8 w/ GH4 (step up from Inspire 1 Raw)
I am selling my carbon cortex X8 RTF drone for $5000 With panasonic GH4. Everything is practically brand new!! It includes: 1 carbon cortex X8 frame2 X Futaba 14SG radio controllers1 X lightbridge controller mountDJI wookong GPS flight controllerZenmuse GH4 gimbal mount1 X pelican hard travel custom cut case8 props8 X 30amp ESC controllers1 X 250amp high voltage dist board.8 X T motor heavy lift motorsDJI lightbridge 2.4 HDgoogle nexus 7" fpv tablet1 X icharger dual charger1...For Sale: Carboncore X8 w/ GH4 (step up from Inspire 1 Raw)